Can't tell your biodiesel from biogunk? You can with pHLip

If you're into making your own biodiesel - or ofter buy from sources whose biodiesel bona fides you can't vouch for - why not try pHLip. Biodiesel advocate Maria "Mark" Alovert uses it, and it seems pretty simple. Put a few drops of pHLip (pronounced "flip") into a sample, turn it around (or, ahem, flip it) ten times and wait ten minutes. Red means it's good, orange is bad.
This test isn't new, and if you've had experience with the pHLip test, fell free to let us know how it went. Until enforced biodiesel standards are the norm, tests like these (or finding trustworthy sources) will be a biodieselers best friend.

[Source: Michael Kanellos / C-Net]

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