Maria Alovert - "Girl Mark" to those in the know - homebrew biodiesel class tour

Do you have leftover oil from the last time you deep fried a turkey and want to use it to power your car? Do you want to be one of those people who picks up waste vegetable oil from outside the back door of restaurants? If yes, and you live in (or are willing to travel to) California, North or South Carolina or Florida this fall, then get ready to learn to make biodiesel from the master. Maria "Mark" Alovert has been on the forefront of the homebrew biodiesel movement for many years now (her homebrew guidebook is a bit of a bible in some circles) and she's got some classes coming up on how to make biodiesel reactors and other homebrew equipment.

The classes on the East coast starts in the middle of November, but it's the Berkely class on Nov. 4 and 5 that offers a special chance to see some equipment and techniques that usually don't make it to the classes: pHlip Test quality testing, some bench top lab gear, several variations on wash tank equipment, various heating and filtration/collection equipment and more. At all classes, Girl Mark (as she's known) will be doing "guided mistakes" so you don't have to when you get back to your garage or back yard. Click here to register and get more information.

[Source: GirlMark]

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