Ecorazzi tells Bruce Willis it's time to buy that electric car

There are very few celebrities whose personal lives I feel I need to know more about. Celebrity worship culture has passed me by and I don't regret missing that boat. But, as a writer on this here blog and observer of the Internets, I fully understand the value of discussing celebrities as positive or negative role models and am amazed at the power they have over so many people (for just one recent example out of thousands, did you hear about the bag controversy? Holy smokes).
Anyway, Ecorazzi is endlessly fascinated by celebrities and when they get a bit of news that ties celebs to greener driving, I pay attention. The other day, they followed up on some things Bruce Willis said back in the days when he was promoting the slightly-green-themed Over The Hedge (2006) and said he'd like an electric car. But he still hasn't made the jump. Wonder what the hold-up is. Is he waiting for a Roadster? Is there just no way in heck Mr. Die Hard is going to drive a Zap! Xebra? Does he want something like the VentureOne? Whatever it is, Bruce in an EV will make the cars a lot more appealing to a lot of people.

Oh, and it shouldn't be too hard to line up a battery sponsor for this car, don't you think?

[Source: Ecorazzi]

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