VIDEO: Customer calls out Service Rep. on bogus $6,500 estimate

The vast majority of service technicians are honorable, hard-working folks. It's the rotten few that will rake you over the coals when given the chance, giving the entire profession a bad name. Wise Bread, a personal finance website, tells of a Mercedes-Benz owner who seems to have encountered one of the latter. The gentleman in question had a moonroof that was on the fritz, so he took it in for service. The service writer and "certified" technician appear to have teamed up to deem the powered roof completely broken, and gave an estimate of $6,500 for repairs. Shocked by the guesstimate, the man went out for a second opinion. The second tech looked over the problem, found a pebble in the roof tracking, and removed it with a pair of tweezers. Total repair cost? $143 (most service departments charge you two hours labor just to walk through the door).

What happens next is both cool and funny. The disgruntled owner went back to the dealership with a hidden camera to show just how wrong this original diagnosis was. The resulting seven-minute video, while poor on audio, is quite amusing nonetheless. Check it out after the jump, and while you're over there, tell us in the comments about some of your most memorable trips to the service department.

Thanks for the tip, Wilson!

[Source: Wise Bread]

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