Rumor Mill: Audi canceling RS4?

Say it ain't so. One of our favorite cars in recent memory might be going out of production. Autocar UK is saying that Audi has pulled the plug on the sweet RS4 supersedan. According to them, the convertible and wagon versions are still being produced, but they don't know for how long. With the new RS6 and RS5 on the horizon, it's possible Audi has decided to cut RS4 production to gear up for those new models, but the RS4 has been pretty successful for automaker by all accounts and it seems surprising it would be cancelled altogether. Besides being one of the best driving vehicles on the planet, the V8 RS4 is also one of the best sounding vehicles made. Right up there with the Vantage and F430. The RS4 offers performance figures that are nearly the equal of those two sports cars as well, all while providing a back seat and proper trunk. The 414-hp RS4 sedan went on sale in the UK in October of 2005, and showed up in the States around summer 2006. That's a pretty short run for such a great car. With its rumored turbo V10, the RS6 will undoubtedly be awesome as well, but the RS4 will be sorely missed if this news is true.

[Source: Autocar]

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