Friday Humor: We don't need no stinkin' Segways - pedal-power chases down criminals

"Mules for the masses"!

"Fun Green and Honest - A unique endeavour into sustainable environmentally friendly travel."

"We are two chaps with a great idea to give the people of our town a choice. A choice to be part of a solution to their own problems of pollution and congestion.

"In short - Providing a free, pedal powered, zero emission taxi service, keeping things simple and fun, honest and green."

So says their blog, which you can visit here. So, yeah... remember when we told you about cops using Segways to chase down underage drivers? They've got nothin' on these guys! In a chase which appears to have lasted a few minutes, two men on pedal powered rickshaws (think oversized tricycle) chased down a criminal while - get this - carrying a police officer in back! Cop cars are rendered obsolete! Segways - too inefficient. The future is in Rickshaws. You heard it here first.

[Source: Mules for the Masses]

UPDATE: Fixed typo in headline.

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