Segway cop catches Mercedes thieves (no, we're not kidding)

Who'da thunk a Segway could catch a stolen Mercedes in a chase? I guess it helps if the three suspected thieves are incredibly poor drivers who crash into a pole after just a few blocks. Their poor driving skills (inflated, no doubt, by being chased by a Segway) allowed officer Jose Miguez to keep the car in sight in Long Beach last week.

"Had I been on foot," Miguez told Newsday, "there's no way I could have caught up with this kid."

According to The Register (which is no friend of the Segway-using cops), the officer approached the car when he thought the drivers were young-looking (they turned out to be about 13). When he got closer, he saw they were wearing gloves and then they sped away. For two blocks. Until they hit the utility pole. Go Segways!

UPDATE: fixed buy/by typo.

[Source: UPI via the EDTA, and the Register]

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