MINI Cooper D being considered for Canada

As talk progresses regarding possible national fuel standards in Canada to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, auto industry execs quoted in a Globe and Mail piece on the topic are basically unified in their beliefs that Canada needs to improve the quality and variety of fuels it sells. Whether it be gasoline with better detergent qualities, a push for E85, or the adoption of cleaner low-sulfur diesel, everyone seems to be on the same page. In a throwaway line towards the beginning of the article, it's acknowledged that BMW, which will add diesel vehicles to its roster of Canadian offerings next year, is considering sending the ultra-stingy (60 mpg) MINI Cooper D to our neighbors to the north.

Note to BMW: don't forget about that great big neighbor Canada has to the south, where ultra low sulfur diesel is already mandated. We want that thing, too.
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[Source: Globe and Mail]

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