Tulsa hits snag unearthing '57 Belvedere time capsule

Plans to unearth a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere as part of a 50-year time capsule project in Tulsa may be all wet. Tulsarama crews had cracked open the vault to get ready for Friday's unveiling, but what they found was several feet of water surrounding the car. Witnesses said the water looked like chocolate milk and a hazmat team had to be called in to pump it out, just in case it turned out to be toxic. They are still expecting the best for the car because it was greased and wrapped in several layers of plastic and canvas. We're not sure that will be enough to safeguard the Plymouth from years of continual flooding, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for the Tulsarama organizers and partygoers. KOTV provided pics and video of the discovery. Click here for the news report or here for video of the soggy discovery ahead of this Friday's official reveal.

[Sources: Hemmings, KOTV]

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