Spy Shots: Interior of the 2009 Lincoln MKS

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The spy photographers from KGP have been scoping out Lincoln MKS prototypes for a while, but this is the first time they've gotten close enough to get a clear view of the interior. The first thing we noticed is that the production interior retains many of the shapes, lines and styling cues from the interior of the Lincoln MKS Concept that debuted at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. The center channel speaker atop the dash, the four large air vents, the metal trim accenting the sides of the center console are all examples of what Lincoln designers decided to port over directly from the concept. Whereas the concept's dash was awash entirely in buttery soft beige and brown leather, the production interior adds a wood accent bar that spans the width of the dashboard and is repeated on the steering wheel (and likely the door trim). It appears that the top of the production MKS dash, however, will still be covered in leather, as stitching is clearly visible in these spy shots. The center console, however, is devoid of any expressive styling, instead relying on the corporate parts bin to fill the space allotted with buttons and dials. Overall we agree with KGP's assessment that while tasteful and pleasant, the interior of the Lincoln MKS sedan will have a difficult time measuring up to the new standard set by the 2008 Cadillac CTS.

Check out the gallery below for high-res spy shots of the 2009 Lincoln MKS interior, as well as more spy shots of the luxury sedan's exterior.

[Photos: KGP Photography]
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