Michigan installs new B20, E85 pumps

Sure, the government is pouring millions into funding new ways to make biofuels that won't see consumer use for a few years, but it's also making sure that the biofuel infrastructure is being put into place today, as six new pumps (costing the U.S. DOE $43,000) in Michigan can attest to.
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was on hand at opening of the first E85 pump in East Lansing this week, and five others will be opened around the state by the end of August. Michigan's economy is not doing all that swimmingly these days, and the prevailing attitude in government circles is that biofuels (especially ethanol, followed by biodiesel) are one way to revitalize a few struggling sectors.

Michiganders can see the list of new biofuel pumps after the break. There are now over 100 such pumps in the state.

[Source: State of Michigan via Domestic Fuel]

  • H & H Mobil - $12,000, E85, (East Lansing)
  • Belleville Petroleum - $12,000, E85, (Belleville)
  • Quick Sav Food Stores - $8,397, E85,(Swartz Creek)
  • Northwestern Michigan Biofuels - $4,000, B20, (Boardman)
  • Dury Oil Company - $4,000, B20, (White Pigeon)
  • Zeeland Farm Services - $3,000, B20, (Zeeland)

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