Know that joke about gas costing an arm and a leg? It's not too far from reality...

Even though gas prices are down slightly from their recent record highs, gas is still quite expensive in America these days. The photochops of gas station signs saying the cost has risen to "Arm," "Leg," and "First Born" are easy to find, but this morning I heard something that made those signs a little less like a joke: you literally can give blood for gasoline.
American Red Cross officials in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region have come up with a raffle to win either a $25 gas card (one daily winner) or $3,500 worth of gasoline (two prizes awarded this summer). Only blood donors are able to enter these raffles. Everybody still gets cookies, as far as I know.

The Red Cross spokeswoman the AP talked to said, "We thought that with the price of gasoline so high, and knowing that people like to drive to the Jersey shore, this might be a good way to encourage someone to donate."

I'm a strong supporter of blood donation (I'm going to donate later today, in fact), so I think this plan can only help get people to the donation centers. If you're looking for something that really combines cars and blood, check this out.

[Source: Associated Press]

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