There's a low-budget slasher movie making the film festival circuit that's amusing some critics and mystifying others, but it hasn't been labeled boring. Written, directed and produced by first-time filmmaker Alex Orr, "Blood Car" is sort of cross between "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Road Warrior," as far as I can tell from reading some of the more entertaining reviews. The flick is set in the future when gas is approaching $40 a gallon. A bike-riding, vegan school teacher sets out to develop a new fuel from wheat grass but finds that blood is the only catalyst. I'm sorry if I'm giving away too much information here, so here's my spoiler alert warning. You'll have to follow the break to find out more and watch the trailer.
Anyway, this teacher discovers after grinding up a few animals that only human blood works. So he turns a small sedan into a roaming body mulcher that can process the blood right in the trunk and, I guess, go straight to the engine. From the trailer there is plenty of squirting blood, gun shots, ax killings, etc. I assume the lovely hitchhiker (shown above) is turned into a high-grade biofuel somewhere in the movie. There is also an intriguing subplot when the government tries to hunt down the teacher to steal his formula, not stop him from processing humans to fuel his car.

I haven't seen a slasher movie since "Last House on the Left" in college. From watching the trailer on the movie's website, I don't think I've missed much but I have to admit it's a clever idea. I have a few friends in the movie business, and I've heard some of the dullest story ideas for horror flicks at parties. Maybe I will loosen the tie and take this movie in when it hits LA. Or maybe I'll just clean the garage.


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