Spray-on ceramic coating from Zirotec helps reduce underhood temps

The technology that is being brought to the fore here is one that doesn't really seem green at first glance. The idea is to spray this specialized coating on components such as exhaust manifolds that get hot. The coating can dramatically reduce the temperatures of the component. Upon further examination, however, you start to realize that underhood heat is the enemy of many automotive parts, like the complex electronic components that are built into all modern vehicles. Consider too the very oil in the engine. As the oil fights internal friction, a great deal of heat is wasted, which in turn breaks down the oil. The cooler the temperature underhood, the longer the oil is likely to last before needed to be drained and replaced. Also, as underhood temperatures decrease, more lightweight materials can be used around the engine compartment, such as carbon fiber, lowering the vehicle's overall weight. There are many more, but you get the idea.

Sometimes implementing all the small things, such as this ceramic coating on hot engine parts, all add up to a significant improvement. Along with major improvements such as hybrid drivetrains, and a winning solution becomes that much closer to reality.

[Source: Gizmag]

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