50 Cent really does likes Pontiacs

Remember when we suggested there was no way that rapper 50 Cent would choose to put two Pontiacs, the G8 and G6 GXP, in his video for "Amusement Park"? In fact, we went so far as to say that you'd have to suspend disbelief in order to think that Fiddy would want his girlz sliding all over Pontiacs instead of Lambos and Bentleys.

Well, we were wrong.

What we should have remembered is that rappers work in mysterious ways. According to a Pontiac spokeswoman, 50 saw the G6 GXP -- a car that could be called "Flipper" based on that massive, trunk-mounted fluke -- and G8 at the NAIAS, and requested them himself. Total cost to Pontiac: $0.00.

The last time we heard about 50 being pulled over, it was in a Murcielago Roadster, and word is he's also selling his Connecticut mansion. Does his new album "Curtis" and the Pontiac fetish herald a slower, more frugal 50 Cent?

Thanks for the tip, Alex!

[Source: Freep]

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