Student-penned Lamborghini LM400 Concept

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The original Lamborghini LM002 combined the qualities of a HUMMER (before there really was HUMMER) with a level of power and performance one would expect from a Italian exotic. It eschewed actual design for a slab-sided, utilitarian look, with a pair of round headlights that toned down its aggression so it looked safe to pet without getting bitten.

Of course, the LM002 missed out on the big SUV boom that saw luxury, high-performance SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne padding its parent company's pockets with big profits. But now that SUVs are truly mainstream and Lamborghini finds itself under the care of VW/Audi, design student Rene Harrigan thought it might be time to reconsider bringing this beast back to life. His idea, called the LM400 Concept, updates the old bruiser with a new Lamborghini-esque design that sits on an Audi Q7 platform. We like Harrigan's vision from the A-pillar back, but the front end lacks a strong visual connection with current Lambos and looks too anonymous to wear a Raging Bull badge. He says the LM400 would be powered by various V8, V10 and V12 engines plucked from the corporate parts bin, and be offered in four trim levels: the LM V8, sporty LM-S, luxurious LM400 V10 and the obscene LMR that sports a 600-hp V12.

The idea of a new LM for Lamborghini is fun, but in reality would say something about how far the brand has come from its many trips to the edge. Porsche got away with offering an SUV and not alienating its fanbase too much, so perhaps Lamborghini could do the same.

[Source: CarBodyDesign via CarScoop]

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