Lexus files lawsuit against p0rn site

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Lexus has filed a lawsuit against two metro Detroiters who have commandeered the brand's name for their pornographic website and the site's star, Lexus Cash (yes, that's her at right). Lexus is claiming the two, uh, entrepenuers, broke trademark laws by using its brand name in a less than savory manner, which could result in the dilution of its good name. While doing research for this (somebody had to), we came across another pornstar named Lexus Locklear, but so far haven't heard whether or not she's also being sued by the Japanese automaker. Perhaps her brand of entertainment is a little more high-brow than what Lexus Cash offers, we wouldn't know.
Whlie the name "Lexus Cash" is probably a stage name, this got us wondering about other people who are actually named after cars. For instance, we've heard of girls named Porsche (yes, actually spelled that way, not like Portia de Rossi). If one of the Porsches of the world grows up to be a porn star, would Porsche the carmaker have any grounds to sue? We'll consult the AOL lawyers and get back to you on that one, but clearly Lexus thinks it has a case against Lexus Cash and her employers.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press via Jalopnik]

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