Is the scooter scene in need of freshening?

We mention scooters more and more often in these days of expensive gasoline, because for the right person, they can save some money when it comes time to fill up (We've also created a new "On Two Wheels" category for these type of posts). But, I have heard from numerous people that they just hate the way that most scooters look. Some people like the racy looks of modern sportbikes, some people like the retro designs from Italy, such as the Vespa. Of course, some people just don't care, as long as it's cheap and reliable.

For those of you who do care what your automatic transmission'ed four-stroke scooting machine looks like, why not take a moment to check on the sketches drawn up by an Italian man named Oberdan Bezzi at his scooter design blog, which is aptly named "Scooter Design". If your tastes lean more towards motorcycles and shifting for yourself, you can also check out his other site: "Motosketches", which we mentioned at Autoblog. I don't read Italian, so I just like to look at the pretty pictures. You?

[Source: Scooter Design via Motorcycle News]

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