Dodge to sell Caliber, Caravan in China

Just as Chrysler is finalizing plans to bring Chinese-made B-class cars to the States, they're also taking advantage of a growing affinity over there for American-flavored rides. China Car Times is reporting that Dodge will begin selling Calibers and Caravans in China with partner SouEast Motors. And just as CCT said, SouEast is not a typo. As CCT reminds that General Motors has found a huge, virtually untapped market in China where Buick sedans are selling better than back home. If Dodge can find similar success, it could at least offset development costs for the Hornet, and at most be a huge growth opportunity that puts the company back in the black.

We say send 'em the Compass, too. All of 'em.

[Source: China Car Times]

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