GM still outpacing industry in China - sees 47% sales growth in 1st half

General Motors overtook Volkswagen last year to become the sales leader in China and hasn't looked back since. In the first half of this year, GM's sales in China have increased by 47 percent versus last year to 453,832 units. Volkswagen also saw a gain of 30.2 percent with vehicle sales totaling 345,375 through June. GM sells Chevy, Cadillac and Buick badged vehicles in China, while Volkswagen sells vee-dubs and Audis. Both companies have a partnership with Shanghai Automotive Corp. Group, China's most profitable automaker.
While the Chinese market is very important to GM and continues to grow at an incredible rate, the U.S. still remains the General's bread-and-butter. While Chinese sales for the first half of this year grew to 453,832 units, sales in the U.S. just for the month of June were 413,473 units. The day is quickly approaching, however, when China's demand for the automobile will rival and then likely surpass our own.

[Source: Reuters]

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