Trafficmaster telematics gets you from A to B best

Trafficmaster is a UK-based company somewhat like OnStar, but much, much better. The Trafficmaster telematics system communicates directly with your satellite navigation system to give you the most up-to-date traffic information yet possible. This is achieved through communication from existing customers' Smartnav in-car navigation system which sends data on actual vehicle speed on its route, instead of relying on speed limits. This allows the system to know when there is a traffic jam, and when everybody is cruising at a good clip. With this information readily at hand, traffic flow can be optimized, saving time, fuel consumption and emissions.

As add-ons to Trafficmaster, Teletrac and Trackstar help keep track of specific vehicles - the former for commercial companies tracking their fleet vehicles, and the latter tracking your vehicle if it's stolen, and directly linking its data to the police for recovery. Nifty, huh?

[Source: Trafficmaster]

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