Mazda develops new NA 1.3L Miller-cycle engine for Mazda2/Demio

In order to qualify its new Mazda2/Demio for Japan's Green Tax exemptions, Mazda has developed a trick new 1.3L Miller-cycle powerplant that's naturally-aspirated, of all things. Normally a supercharger is required in a Miller-cycle engine, which makes Mazda's new mill particularly intriguing. It will be combined with Mazda's first CVT, and thanks to a 222 lb. diet, the new Demio is expected to return 54 mpg. In the press release after the jump, Mazda makes a big deal about how efficient its new Miller engine is, but fails to mention how much power it makes. That's not surprising, since it's generally accepted that, compared to our traditional Otto-cycle engines, a Miller trades off power for increased efficiency (that's what the supercharger's usually for). With this new engine, however, Mazda further cements its reputation as an automaker with a penchant for alternative forms of internal combustion.

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Mazda Develops New Naturally-Aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle Engine

The new MZR 1.3L engine powers the all-new Mazda Demio to achieve a fuel economy of 23.0 km/L and qualify for Japan's Green Tax exemptions

HIROSHIMA, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation has developed a new, naturally aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine, which will power the all-new Demio (known as the all-new Mazda2 in overseas markets) when it goes on sale in Japan in July 2007. In combination with Mazda's first continuously variable transmission (CVT), the engine will assist the new Demio to achieve a 10-15 mode fuel economy of 23.0 km/L, an improvement of approximately 20 percent over the 19.2 km/L rating of the current model.

Newly developed from the current MZR 1.3L DOHC aluminum engine, the naturally-aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine employs delayed closing of the intake valves in order to reduce pumping losses and improve thermal efficiency through a higher expansion ratio. Intake valve timing is optimized by the Sequential Valve Timing System to provide improved fuel efficiency over the current MZR 1.3L engine when cruising and accelerating. In conjunction with the CVT, which transfers torque at low speeds without power loss and eliminates gear-shift shock, the setup achieves excellent fuel efficiency as well as a smooth and exhilarating ride.

In addition to this new, highly efficient powertrain, the all-new Demio has been made approximately 100 kg lighter than its predecessor through weight reduction techniques, which have resulted in nimble handling and significantly improved fuel economy.

The Demio model with the naturally aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine combined with the CVT transmission achieves a fuel economy that is rated as 20 percent or better than the level specified by Japan's 2010 fuel economy standards. Exhaust emissions are also at least 75 percent lower than 2005 standards, which conforms to Japan's Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SU-LEV) standard and qualifies the Demio for Green Tax exemptions.

Through its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom plan that was announced in March 2007, Mazda declared its intention to pursue the harmony felt between driving pleasure and environmental and safety features, and its quest for an advanced Zoom-Zoom world. This includes the ongoing desire to create captivating design, to provide our customers with continual driving pleasure and to develop improved safety and environmental technologies.

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