Can you settle for two wheels?

The strange, peculiar bike-looking thing you see above, will outsell by three times even the most optimistic sales projections of cars in China this year. It in fact accounts for a third of all electric vehicle sales. Yes, the electric bike has rapidly become one of the most popular modes of transportation in China in the past few years.

The reason for this is ease of use, low sale price and high savings. For the most part, people in sprawling cities do not need to travel very far, so this has been a boon to Chinese urbanites. They have been on the rise from selling 7.5 million units last year to a projected over 10 million this year. A former R&D leader for GM says that this is "the dawn of a new era in electric bicycles," according to Peter Fairley writing in Spectrum.

Still, is America ready to lose a couple wheels? While they can be a lot of fun making speeds of 20 kph or more, Ed Benjamin, vice president of the Light Transport Division at electric-propulsion-technology firm WaveCrest Laboratories LLC, in Dulles, Va., says we don't know yet what we're going to do with them. Read the article at the read link.

[Source: Peter Fairley / Spectrum; Thanks for the tip, Kert!]

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