Spain: VW's groovy Multivan Beach

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VW EspaƱa has unveiled a new variant of the Multivan (which goes by the spiffier "California" moniker in other European markets) that's simply called the Beach. The Multivan Beach's breadbox-shape is covered in a metallic gray finish that can be accented with orange, lime green, or light blue trim that runs the length of the van as a thick primary stripe and a thin secondary one. Additionally, the bonnet can be covered in the contrasting hue. The front bumper is left in its unpainted utilitarian flat gray, and simple, basic steel wheels sit inside the slightly flared arches.

Inside, the highly-reconfigurable passenger cabin is trimmed in light grey fabric with bright blue patterened inserts. The front captain's chairs can revolve to face the rear of the vehicle with a table between them and the second row of seats. Storage is abundant, with drawers and nooks aplenty. Large areas of netting are mounted to the ceiling to act as overhead storage.

The rear compartment can also be turned into a completely flat bed surface, and handy storage bags serve as "dressers" for the van's occupants. It's a spiffy arrangement powered by a choice of three TDI engines -- a 102-horsepower 1.9L and a pair of 2.5L versions making 130 or 174 horses. The latter two are equipped with particulate filters and can be mated to the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. You can check out the Multivan Beach's official site here.

UPDATE: Commenter Revhead points out that this ride has been available in Australia for some time as the Kombi Beach. You can read all the specs, etc. in English here.

[Source: AutoCity via Autoblog Spanish]

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