First-ever all-ethanol Indy 500 has a winner...

We'll leave the winner's name out of the first part of this post, and we'll start by focusing instead on the fact that this was the first time the Indy 500 was run using 100 percent ethanol (as if you needed reminding, right?)

Anyway, despite a rain delay, the race was a win for ethanol boosters like Domestic Fuel. We've been linking to them for a while on this topic, and they continue to have nice, short posts about E100 and the Indy 500, like this one about how this year's race is but one step towards an estimated annual ethanol demand of about 16.3 billion gallons of ethanol by 2050.

OK, enough about ethanol. The winner's name (and more pictures) are available after the jump.

[Source: Domestic Fuel, Honda]

Dario Franchitti (Andretti Green Racing)

Yes, Dario Franchitti took the win. You can hear him talk about his victory - and his thought on ethanol (
he said it helped him get better gas mileage and that was beneficial), over on Domestic Fuel. All pictures courtesy of Honda.

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