Hyosung expands their scooter line for the U.S. and introduces them to the U.K.

Hyosung is a relatively new player in the motorcycle industry here in the U.S., but has been making two-wheeled vehicles in their home country, Korea, for a good while. They have collaborated with Suzuki for years and still have some sort of technology sharing deals with them, from what I have heard. I like the idea of their GV650 Avitar (their spelling, not mine), as it gives a sense of style and high performance to the smaller sport cruiser market segment which the larger manufacturers are ignoring in favor of ever larger engines and bikes. Many people believe that the GV650 looks similar to the Harley Davidson V-Rod, and I can see why they might say that. However, park the two bikes next to one another and the differences are clearly visible, with the 'Rod looking much more nicely finished. It better be for twice the price, though. Moving on further down their line-up are two new scooters, a 125cc version and a larger 250cc version. They carry the rather unfetching name MS3.

Recently new sales agreements have been made that allow United Motors to sell bikes made by Hyosung. Whether the new Hyosung scooter line has anything to do with United Motors existing line, I am unaware. I have seen scooters which look quite similar to the MS3 from a few other companies as well. These new scooters are to be added to the U.S. line and will mark the first Hyosung scooters available in the U.K.

If you follow our site often, you'll already know that I consider scooters to be a very good choice as a second vehicle in America. The average fuel consumption is too good to ignore for many of us as gas prices continue to rise. If you just can't ride a scooter, perhaps one of the larger bikes from Hyosung might be more to your liking.

[Source: Hyosung Motors]

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