Jeep JT Concept: more pics

The responses to our post on the Jeep JT Concept that's headed to SEMA this year were overwhelmingly positive. The number of people who commented they'd buy one if Jeep didn't wussify it on the way to production was incredible. One constant theme was the demand for a diesel engine, and most commonly cited was the 3.0L CRD motor used in other Jeep products like the Grand Cherokee CRD. With purposeful, bare-bones styling and a motor generating 376 ft-lbs. of torque, the Jeep JT would be a workhorse budget truck for those not interested in spending thousands more on a half-ton.

Our man Jonathan Ramsey got to play with the Jeep JT in person and echoes everyone's sentiments about the little pickup. He brought back some more pics of the concept, including inside shots that show a basic Jeep Wrangler interior with no frills. We also get a view of the hardtop roof with removeable panels and the JT Concept's current motor, a 3.8L V6.

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