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It's true! Lightweight Lamborghini LP640 to arrive as "Superveloce"

First there were pictures of a Murcielago with black doors and a giant wing doing laps at the 'Ring. It was immediately called out as the next evolution of the LP640, a superleggera sibling for the the Gallardo. Then Lamborghini said no, it wasn't -- it was just a mule with unpainted doors. Lamborghini President Stephan Winklemann even dismissed the idea, saying "The LP640 is wild enough." Whether or not he believed what he was saying, the new reality is this: there is no such thing as wild enough. And according to Car magazine, that wilder LP640 will probably be called "Superveloce" -- the sorely missed SV moniker not heard in these parts in far too long.

The SV will lose 100 kg, the same amount shed by the lightweight Gallardo, ending up with 409 bhp per ton. It will also get shorter gearing that keeps it near the 8,000 rpm mark when driven in anger. Even though it will remain an all-wheel-driver, the 0-60 time should drop to 3.0 seconds. Car also says that that walk-the-plank rear wing is supposedly provided by Boeing.

The SV is expected to hit the runway at Frankfurt this September. Oh, and it could be joined by a Gallardo SV, an even harder baby-Lambo meant to take the fight to the F430 Stradale. The good news from Sant' Agata just keeps on coming.

[Source: Car magazine]

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