Creating your own biodiesel, starting with the seeds

Yeah, I know that some people make their own biodiesel, sometimes using fresh new vegetable oil and other times using used deep fryer oil. But, I personally don't know anybody who actually grows their own crop, mashes up the seeds and uses the oils to make biofuel. I still don't, because I don't know the author of this post here, but I digress. The seeds that he is starting with are Jatropha seeds, which he sourced on eBay from outside the country. He lists the reasons that he chose that plant over other options, so check it out if you are interested.

This whole thing got me thinking... how many people would brew their own biodiesel if the instructions actually started like this:

  • Purchase Jatropha seeds on eBay
  • Plant Jatropha seeds in ground
  • Water Jatropha seeds

And so on, and so forth... I will monitor his success (or lack thereof, depending) and report back with his findings if they prove to be interesting.

[Source: Groovy Green]

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