Obvio's does carbon offset with CantorCO2e

Obvio, the Brazilian automaker with the apparent habit of randomly typing on a numeric keyboard to come up with product names (the 012? the 828?), announced a plan last week to establish a "social carbon fund" with the CantorCO2e organization (yet another name that just cements itself in one's memory).

Cantorco2e provides financial services environmental and energy markets around the world, and offers "finance, consultancy, technology, and transaction services to clients engaged in using energy and managing emissions across the world." The partnership will see part of the purchase price of Obvio's trybrid vehicles (and others, like the ones it is building with Zap!) directed to a CO2 offset fund that is counseled by CantorCO2e.

Ricardo Machado, Chief Executive Officer of Obvio, said that, "Obvio has committed that the fund will contribute to environmentally sustainable projects designed to offset carbon emissions associated with the company, whether in communities near the factory, along distribution and supply routes, or after the car is on the road."

Obvio's plants will be shifted so that waste will be minimized and renewable energy will be used for power the company's manufacturing plant. The U.S. should see Obvio vehicles here in 2008, all distributed by Zap! Current estimates are for 50,000 vehicles in the first year.

The official announcement is available here.

[Source: CantorCO2e via GreenCarCongress]

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