The hilarious new "Midlife Crisis Retreat" advertising campaign lampoons the often loony behavior of men in their 40s trying to hang on to their 20s via two-decade-old slang, iconography and pop culture. We don't agree that the Passat is any kind of cure for the midlife crisis; it's pretty much just the car you'd expect a 45-year-old to be driving as he checks his porcelain veneers in the rearview and says " Yes, you've still got it" out loud to himself.

Disguised as a website for a midlife-crisis treatment center, the campaign itself is clever, with a chuckle-inducing list of worrying statistics, and a self-evaluation test at the website. Apparently, the spots attached to this effort have been airing with a high frequency in the UK, so they're likely now the TV equivalent of middle aged. Since we haven't seen them yet in the US, they're still fresh as a daisy, and it's comfoting to know that midlife crises are pretty much the same across the Atlantic.

Thanks for the tip, Christian

[Source: VW via German Car Blog]

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