sets new World's Fastest Furniture record

While driving a relatively pokey 92 mph will get you run over on many interstates, Marek Turowski made it into the Guinness Book of World Records doing it ... on a couch.

Watch the video after the jump to see this highly modified (ya think?) super sofa break the record for World's Fastest Furniture. Turowski, 38, paid £1,376 on eBay for the privilege of piloting the rear-engined couch, which was commissioned by from Edd China of Cummfy Banana. Turowski's run to 92 mph beats the previous record of 87 mph set in 1998 by the Casual Lofa driven by the aforementioned China, who says his latest creation is street legal and will soon be menacing the streets of London.

The leopard-print Casual Lofa seated three and was powered by a 1300cc Mini engine with 65bhp. But details on this new machine are hard to come by. It's hard to tell for sure from the video, but is that a propeller off the back? We're trying to contact the folks at Cummfy and hope to have more info soon.

Proceeds from the eBay auction benefited The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

China has built all manner of motorized furniture for Cummfy Banana, where you can rent his creations for corporate events or, we suppose, just a fun entry into a local Autocross event. What bracket would that compete in anyway?

See's press release after the jump.

[Source: Engadget]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.


New Fastest Furniture World Record Achieved on a Sofa

There is a new world record holder in the Fastest Furniture category witnessed and verified by The Guinness Book of World Records. The high speed sofa hit 92mph.

(PRWEB) May 16, 2007 -- He's a record breaker... On Sunday May 13, 2007 Marek Turowski broke the Fastest Furniture Land Speed Record by driving the high speed sofa at 92mph. The previous record, 87mph, was set in 1998.

The record attempt was witnessed and verified by a representative of The Guinness Book of World Records and the feat will appear in the next published edition! The record was broken at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in Lutterworth Leicestershire, on a two mile long 60 metre wide racing straight normally used to test top-secret specialist Ministry of Defence projects.

Footage of the sofa speed record is now available online.

Marek, the new world record holder, said:
"It was terrifying. You feel every bump... Worse, you feel like you might take off."

Marek, a 38 year old gardener from South London, successfully bought his shot at glory on an eBay auction held earlier this year. He paid top dollar to a great cause with all proceeds going directly to The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID).

The sofa was built by Edd China who held the existing record. Edd said:
"It's been sad to see my record beaten, but world records only have real value when they're challenged. And at least I still have the constructor's title to boast about."

The high speed sofa is road legal and will soon be seen driving the streets of West London where the sofa retailer is based. It will be staying strictly within the speed limit...

In an Excellent Cause... was pleased to donate 100% of proceeds from the auction to The Foundation for the study of Infant Deaths (FSID) which is the UK's leading baby charity aiming to prevent unexpected deaths in infancy and promote infant health ( FSID fulfils these aims by:
- Funding research
- Supporting families whose babies have died suddenly and unexpectedly
- Disseminating information on infant health, baby care and sudden infant deaths to health professionals and the general public
- Working with professionals to improve investigations when a baby dies

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