GM marketing blitz for Transformers about to begin

GM's publicity push for the Transformers movie -- and the Pontiac Solstice GXP -- is about to begin. Next month's Maxim magazine will feature "Killer Talent," in the person of Megan Fox, and "Killer of Decepticons," in the metallic skin of Autobot Jazz, both in the service of winning a "Killer Ride," the Pontiac Solstice GXP. For the time being, Maxim Online has exclusive content for those of you who want to win the hotted up two-seater. If you win, you will also get "VIP treatment" from Megan at the premiere of the film, which, frankly, would be just as nice as the car as far as we're concerned. We know, we know, you've probably heard more than you want to hear about the Transformers movie -- but can you really hear too much about Megan Fox? And did we mention you can win a car?

[Source: Transformer World]

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