EDAG develops amphibious vehicle for flood rescues

Click the image above to view pictures of EDAG's amphibious creation at work

Flooding has been a deadly problem since the dawn of civilization, and boats have traditionally been used as the main mode of transportation for rescue. The only problem is, flooded areas often have areas of shallow water and dry patches where a car or truck is often more effective. After a recent string of floods in Germany, EDAG has taken a swipe at this problem with its new amphibious rescue vehicle.

EDAG's new car-boat utilizes a catamaran approach, with a split hull for better shallow-water patrols. At the press of a button, caterpillar tracks can be dropped, turning the rescue boat turns into a land vehicle in a matter of seconds. The amphibious vehicle can seat up to ten, and it will be unveiled at the "Rettmobil" exhibition in Fulda, Germany. The German Lifeguard Association is currently evaluating whether or not the amphibious vehicle will be used in the future.

Although this two for-one vehicle was designed for German needs, we have a feeling that it would work just as well in the hands of the US National Guard or Coast Guard. If you want a boat and car in one, however, we don't think this thing would pass US crash-test regulations.

[Source: EDAG via World Car Fans]

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