Orange County Choppers to build an E85 bike for The Iowa Farm Bureau

Paul Sr: "Pauly, I swear, if you knew half as much about biodiesel as you think you do, we wouldn't be screwing around with your corny ethanol bike."

Jr: "Whatever Pops, you haven't built anything cool in your entire life! You wouldn't know cool if I hit you over the head with a corn stalk."

Sr: "Keep talking, and you'll get up close on my size 13 diesel up your..."

Jr: "Go back to your office and sniff some more french fry fumes, why don't cha!"

Mikey: "I thought hydrogen was the new fuel..."

Jr and Sr: "Who asked you Mikey!!!"

Vin and Rick - shake their heads. No words are necessary at this point, right?

Will this scenario be playing out anytime soon? No. But, Orange County Choppers will be building a new bike which is to be powered by E85. This news comes courtesy of Clean Air Choice, and the bike will be shown all over Iowa. So, if you are a Hawkeye, keep an eye out! The Teutels may be nearby - don't get caught in the cross-fire!

Thanks for the tip, Bob!

[Source: Clean Air Choice]

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