2008 Bullitt Mustang specs leaked

For all our joking about the seemingly endless parade of special edition, aftermarket, or niche-built Ford Mustangs, there is one that we're all waiting for: the Bullitt. We daydream about donning a turtleneck, popping in the jazzy Lalo Schifrin score and cruising around, looking for bad guys in black Chargers. And while there hasn't been a single photo leaked yet, the car's specs have finally made their way onto the web over at Mustang Evolution.

Like the last Bullitt-edition 'Stang, power output is bumped only slightly -- in this case, it's going to come in at 312 horses, thanks to the Ford Racing Power Pack. Other Bullitt mods include a retuned suspension, strut tower brace, x-pipe, new exhaust tips, V6-style grille (we hope that Ford deletes the pony badge, too), red brake calipers, 3:73 rear, 18" "Bullitt" wheels (our money's on black ones), and, of course, Highland Green paint. The car's also going to be available in black for the non-purists out there.

Pricing is still a mystery, but we now know that the program will go on for seven months and produce 7,000 cars for the US, and 700 for our Canuck friends. The full "Bullitted" list of known leaked info can be read here.

[Source: Mustang Evolution]

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