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Ferrari workers on strike, Italian style

Just because you spend your days in Maranello crafting F430s, 599s, and 612s, listen to them roar through the streets, and watch customers gleefully receive the keys to their new Italian toys doesn't mean life is perfect. Even though Ferrari was just voted as the best place to work in Europe, Ferrari workers have been on strike since March.

The main reason for the strike is that the workers want higher bonuses, among other things. But they are also unhappy because they believe the quality of Ferraris is declining. Fiat is simply trying to make too many of them to maintain the necessary quality standards that would live up to Ferrari's image. The unique thing about this strike: the workers only strike on Saturday, and not all of them at one time. Production has been slowed, but not stopped. Of course, none of the workers on the Formula 1 team are on strike -- that would be unthinkable.

[Source: Automotive News]

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