eBay Find of the Day: Rat Rod pimped postal carrier with poker table

From the house of Winston Smith's Cool Guy Stuff comes this postal-issue jeep, fresh off the kind of arcane pimping that we come to expect from eBay. A Hot Indian Red 1983 AM General Jeep that was once a lowly carrier of New Jersey mail. A poker fan bought it, and his shop turned it into what you see here. It was pimped on a budget, so there are some minor issues with it, but it did get a 120-watt CD player, a couple of speakers, and a removable 10-inch DVD player that you can watch as you play Hold 'Em in the built in poker table. That's right, a built in poker table. And if that weren't enough, it has -- you guessed it -- electric floor mats with lighting neon flames. The Jeep comes complete with poker chips, cards, and case for the winner, and you can even get the original mail tray. The seller makes sure to state right away that it can still run a mail route. However, the Jeep does not come with the model in the pink thong, pink high heels, and sweatpants that declares "I'm Pink" across the back. Welcome to Jersey. Game on.

[Source: eBay]

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