GM finally planning to sell Cadillacs, Corvettes and HUMMERs alongside Saabs in UK

It's been a tough time for Cadillac in the UK. The abject failure of the Saab-derived BLS, partnered with slow sales of the CTS sedan, has left dealers across the pond with a backlog of 200-300 vehicles lying stagnant in storage. Even more disappointing is the fact that since the relaunch of Caddy there in 2004, only 600 vehicles have found homes in consumer garages.

In an effort to take back control from Kroymans, the UK distribution company for Cadillac, and Pedragon, the firm tasked to setup dealerships, GM has decided to get its hands dirty and make an attempt at turning around the ailing marque abroad.

The plan is to consolidate Saab, Cadillac, Corvette and HUMMER sales into one outlet, reducing the effort's overall expenditure while establishing GM's brand identity overseas. From there, GM execs plan to expand the sales network across the country, beyond its current 19 dealerships. Thus, in the short term, Saab dealerships in the UK will likely become very crowded with Caddies, Vettes and big HUMMERs.

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