A solar car built for Mars

Solar power has long been that main staple for power generation in space. It's easy to see why, as no other systems are necessary and the suns rays are readily available. Plus, there is none of earth's atmosphere to get in the way... Anyway, solar power makes great sense in space, and it will see use again on the next Mars landing attempt. The Phoenix Mars Lander Spacecraft has been made ready to be launched into that big empty ball of space all around our planet. Fortunately, that same space is all around Mars too, so the directions aren't too hard. Lame joke, right? It's the best I got, sorry. Think you can do better? Apply now!

Anyway, back to the Mars landing and all. This next mission will be sending our solar-powered friend to a very cold place, which is far different from the desert in Arizona where the machine was built and tested. Supposedly, the machine has gone through all sorts of environmental testing and is good to go, so let's see if anything interesting is to be found on the planet nearest our own. Like, maybe, some crazy alien technology that will finally break us free from petroleum once and for all! Maybe that's a stretch, though... we'll settle for some cool pictures of Mars.

[Source: Gizmag]

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