Honda's F1 car gets elephant ears, but doesn't get any better

If you try out something never seen before, and it works, it's called innovation. If you try out something never seen before, and it doesn't work, it's called an experiment. And this particular experiment, carried out by Honda's F1 team, was called "elephant ears."

During last week's test session at the Barcelona F1 circuit, Honda was trying out fixes for its car's notoriously bad handling under braking. One of the attempted fixes was these arced winglets on the nose. The wings were of no use: Honda set the slowest time of the day. Hence, we've probably seen the last of them. Nevertheless, even without the wings, Honda F1's Engineering Director, Jacky Eeckelaert, said "The braking is definitely better now and the lap times have improved and become more consistent, but there is still a long way to go to bring the team back into contention." For a team with Honda's history of winning, the arrival of their new car can't come soon enough.

Thanks for the tip, Steve!

[Source: TSN]

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