The 911 Turbo of footwear

At roughly $130, they're not the most expensive footwear out there, but they're certainly no ordinary sneaker, either. Likewise, the Porsche 911 isn't the most expensive car out there, but it's darn good at what it does, and you do pay a premium for that.
Adidas and Porsche Design have gotten together to create sporting shoes with a nod to racing success. While they still bear a resemblance to the classic Gazelle, the soles, materials and color schemes are in another realm. Available in Standard (lace-up) or Automatic (slip-on), the color schemes are based on racing livery, and the footwear carries the Porsche Design logo, as well. There are lesser models to the line, as well as a women's version. The racing model is the standout, though, with sliver metallic or striking white and green stripes. The "Classic" model is the one we'd pick. You'll spend a ton of time maintaining the racing model, just like a race car. The Classic's classy earth tones will still look great after breaking in, and will require far less maintenance. They'd also feel just right on the pedals of that vintage 912 we lust for. Hmm, it seems that Adidas has created the shoe equivalent of the entire Porsche range; always exclusive, with a choice of performance levels, all above the norm.

[Source: Adidas via Winding Road]

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