Mazda CX-7 ER-03 by AutoExe

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Mazdas are typically pretty sporty from the get-go, but there's that subset of car nuts that wants to make their car "just right."

The CX-7 is pretty new to the market, and Japanese tuner AutoExe has transformed it into the ER-03. Underneath, there are chassis braces that look like bridge abutments. It's too bad they're out of sight. For those of us who like to lean close to engineering work and make sure that the welds look like stacks of coins, the red trusses are art. There's also new springs, struts, and braces on the control arms and strut towers to keep the wheels tightly reined.

The engine room wasn't neglected, either. There's a larger intercooler, and silicon plumbing connects the breathing apparatus to the engine and the turbo inhales through a ram air system tuned to honk just right. The body mods look pretty tasteful, as far as body mods go, though the chromed wheels wearing rubber bands for tires are a bit much. There's a sharp (slick looking, not meat cutting) little gauge pod perched atop the dash, a carbon shift knob, a natty little antenna and brightly colored braking components to round out the offerings.

In the (Google translated) words of AutoExe: Pleasant sensation of the adult, such cool isn't probably to point? That could either mean something obscene, or just this car rocks, but it's rude to point.

[Source: AutoExe]

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