VIDEO: Year One Bandit T/A in action! - UPDATED with latest version

UPDATE: Our friends at Year One graciously hooked us up with the latest version of this video - embedded after the jump.

"Bandit you're reckless and you live much too hard..."

We feel a full-fledged late 1970s lovefest coming on soon. Not that it'd be any worse than the resurgence of 1980s pop culture among those that didn't live it. Let's just say it was bad the first time, and hasn't improved with age. One thing that is better this time around are the Bandit T/A recreations from Year One. We reported on these a while back, and since we're all hot for the darn thing, here's some more eye candy. Looks like Sheriff Buford T. Justice finally has his day in the sun at the end of this short promo video, which we've embedded after the jump.

[Source: Year One]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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