No stone unturned: Hamann does the Ferrari 612, too

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The Hamann people have been busy the last week or so, showing off packages for the Murcielago LP640 and BMW X5. Well, here's a third for you: The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti by Hamann features a new exhaust system that provides added bellow to the V12's already-sonorous tailpipe music. It would not be a Hamann deal, of course, without an aero package, either. In this case, it looks quite tacked-on if you ask us. We're not crazy about how the company's "Edition Race" wheels look in this application, either. New springs and full interior customization are also available. Oh, and that Hamann decal on the front bumper? Ridiculous. Make it go We generally like a lot of the stuff Hamann does, but in this case, maybe they should have left well enough alone. We'll take the exhaust and leave it at that. Well...if someone gives us a Scaglietti first, that is.

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April 2007

HAMANN Ferrari 612 Scaglietti:
For the gentleman driver with sporting ambitions

• Extensive aerodynamic kit with diffuser
• Sporty end mufflers for an even stronger sound
• Agile road-handling through sport suspension
• Split-rim light-alloy wheels "Edition Race" in 20 and 21 inch

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is the perfect vehicle in the Maranello sports car stable for the gentleman driver. The Gran Turismo is already a very noble means of travel as standard equipment, however particularly optically it can still stand some flashier details. Therefore a modification of the body stood at the top of the HAMANN engineers' to-do list. But the refiners from Laupheim didn't neglect sound and handling either.

Form and function assume a strong symbiosis through the HAMANN aerodynamic components. The sports car designed by Pininfarina acquired a front spoiler from the noble tuner from Laupheim to provide optimal downforce on the front axle, which also improved the optics of the largest Ferrari even further. The pair of side sills for the flank of the 612 impart an impression of lowered suspension. The rear spoiler helps to ensure optimal downforce on the rear axle, while clearly bringing a more sporting look to the rear view without disturbing the basic design. HAMANN achieves an even bigger modification to the rear view through a new rear end component with integrated diffuser, which also ensures more downforce.

As customary with HAMANN, the aerodynamic components are available in fiberglass and carbon-Kevlar.

HAMANN addresses the subject of wheels with its self-developed design "Edition Race". The appearance of the three-part, ultra-light, forged rim with cross-spoke design and black rim-star is characterized by the nine main spokes, which each branch out to form two more. Besides the exciting design, the titanium screwing is particularly pleasing to the eye. The cherry on the cake of the noble optics is the highly polished rim flange. Naturally HAMANN also offers the wheel as a complete wheel set.
Typical wheel and tire combinations:
front 9.0 J x 20" / rear 12.5 J x 20" - 245/35 ZR 20 / 335/30 ZR20
front 9.0 J x 21" / rear 12.0 J x 21" - 245/30 ZR 21 / 345/25 ZR21

With the aid of a chassis spring assembly, HAMANN lowers the center of gravity even further which even in a vehicle of this caliber still brings noticeable improvement to the handling.

Incontestably the sound of a Ferrari 12-cylinder is something completely special. The sport mufflers are made from in V2A stainless steel and are offered by HAMANN for left and right, each of which has double exhaust pipes (Ø 90mm). When ordering the sport mufflers, the 540 HP symphony sounds twice as potent as before. This also means that the twelve cylinders can breathe out more easily.

Naturally HAMANN also dedicates itself to the interior. Traveling should be made as pleasant as possible for the passengers. For example, an exclusive foot mat set in black in the Ferrari's cockpit makes it appear more homey. Of course HAMANN can also modify any 612 Scaglietti to the individual tastes of the customer, e.g. with lavish leather fittings in different colors or extensive multimedia configurations involving a DVD player, TV or PlayStation.

More information about the HAMANN tuning program can be found at

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