VIDEO: Leno drives Audi's R8

Oh, to be Jay Leno. Or at least have his garage. Or in this case, his friends. Autoweek's new publisher, K.C. Crain, dropped by Leno's garage with Audi's $110k R8. Yeah, just dropped by.
Before taking it on the road, Leno is surprised at how short the car is in person, likes the slotted shifter, the typically-sorted Audi interior and is amazed at the passenger space.

Crain points out that Audi claims a set of golf clubs can fit behind the car's two seats. To which Leno replies, "Know why I'd buy a car like this? So I don't have to play golf."

With Leno briefed on the car's attributes, he wheels it gingerly onto the road and promptly stomps the gas. The acceleration he's ok with, but, "You gotta get rid of those mufflers," Leno says. "If you can still hear the radio, it's not LOUD ENOUGH!"

Hey, K.C? Next time you're in the neighborhood with a car that costs almost as much as my house, drop by. Let me take it for a ride and I'll even play golf with ya. Just nine holes, though. Ok, 18 if it's an Italian car.

Thanks for the tip, Shankar!

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