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Zap! CEO on CNBC's "Power Lunch" today

Zap! CEO Steve Schneider was on the CNBC program "Power Lunch" today and a video of his short visit is now online. The clip starts with an update on Ford and GM's sales numbers, but then shifts to Schneider talking about hedge fund interest in Zap! The CNBC host says she is excited about the price of Zap!'s cars (~$10,000) and we see footage of the Obvio and the Xebra. The one bit of news in the piece is when Schneider says that Dominoes wants to use Zap! vehicles for pizza delivery, which is something I've not heard or read elsewhere.
I couldn't get the video to embed correctly, but you can watch it by clicking on the image or the Read link.

[Source: CNBC)

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