Chevy wants you to build your own Autobot... meet Autoblog Supreme!

In conjunction with the new Tranformers movie set to hit theaters on July 4, GM's bread and butter brand is launching this design-your-own-Autobot site that allows visitors to build their own bot from a preselected assortment of Chevys (what, no Corvette or Camaro?), challenge their friends to a fight, and win prizes for their efforts. A free month of XM, tickets to see the movie, and even a trip to the premier are up for grabs as prizes. You can register and play for the prizes or do it all without registering just because, well... it's fun to build and fight robots. We've already breathed life into our own Autobot, a jet black Chevy Impala named Autoblog Supreme. You can use the email address abresearch at gmail dot com to challenge us to a fight if you dare. As a wise man once said, "This is our Country, THIS is our Autobot."

[Source: Chevy via Jalopnik]

We're having some difficulty logging back into the site after we registered, so consider yourself forewarned if you log out and try to log back in.

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