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Automotive stylists draw up countless designs for every one that actually gets turned into a prototype, let alone goes into production. Those forsaken designs often fall into obscurity, never again to see the light of day. But some forty years later, one designer's ideas are being unearthed and sold to the highest bidder.

On June 19, British auction house H&H will be selling off no less than 34 original designs by Trevor Fiore, including concepts produced in the mid 1960's for Jaguar, Austin-Healy, Lancia, Alvis, Elva and Trident. The designs were evidently rejected, but the auctioneers hope to find loving homes for them at last.

Trevor Fiore was born Trevor Frost, but adopted his mother's Italian maiden name to help give him the clout to compete with the biggest of Italian design houses. He operated independently under the Fiore Design name during the 60's and 70's, before taking up position at the head of Citroen's design department in the 80's, after which he disappeared from the spotlight.

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[Source: H&H]

Press Release

Long-Forgotten Car Designs Come To Market

34 of Trevor Fiore's concepts for Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Lancia, Alvis and more to be auctioned by H&H Classic Auctions

CHESHIRE, England - April 24, 2007: Thirty-four long-forgotten original design concepts, including those for Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Lancia, Alvis, Elva and Trident cars of the mid '60s, are to be auctioned by H&H at its Buxton sale on June 19.

Most of the watercolour/ink drawings are contained in folders emblazoned with the logo of 'Fiore Design' and are the work of leading British designer of the '60s/'70s, Trevor Fiore. They were recently unearthed by renowned tennis photographer and car enthusiast Michael Cole, whose father employed Fiore at the time much of this fascinating work was produced.

Said H&H's automobilia expert Matthew Kershaw, "These wonderful drawings are a unique snapshot of what could have been. There are striking sports coupes for a whole range of marques, plus convertibles and four-door saloons. The latter include one entitled Jaguar 'S-Type' but, rather than resembling the manufactured model of that name, it has distinct shades of the Jaguar E-Type and even the sleek NSU RO80 of that period."

Fiore was born Trevor Frost, the Fiore moniker apparently being from his mother's side of the family. Having an Italian surname would, of course, have put him on a par with most of his competitors, however, as the Italian design houses were pre-eminent at the time. During the '80s he headed up the design department at Citro├źn, after which he dropped from prominence.

For further information on all H&H auctions refer to or call +44 (0)1925 730630.

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