Chevron, NuRide stop 5,000,000 miles from ever being driven

So, looks like Chevron encouraging people to use less gas is working.

Chevron's Rideshare Initiative, in its first year of operation, saved 237,000 gallons of gas and eliminated 2,300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the oil company said in a statement released today. The savings came through 5,874 riders and drivers meeting up and sharing rides in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., which Chevron estimates meant 5,216,500 fewer miles driven and 200,000 cars journeys saved. 5,000,000 miles not driven was the goal of the program, but Chevron didn't say it was cutting its partnership with NuRide now that the goal has been met.

NuRide is a nationwide rideshare network that offers incentives for participants, encouraging the need for more stuff while cutting down on cars on the road and CO2 emissions.

[Source: Chevron Corporation]

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